World Famous Hungarians
  • World Famous Hungarians

World Famous Hungarians

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2004, Anglų kalba, Kossut publishing, 167 p., k.v.
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Hungarian culture has been an integral part of European culture for many centuries. Our first major school was established on St. Martin's Hill in 996, and we owe our early scholar doctors to the founders of this Benedictine monastery. The charter of the Tihany Abbey was written in 1055, which has preserved fifty-eight Hungarian words for us. The oldest Hungarian-language monument in the Pray Code, compiled at the end of the next century, contains the Death Speech and Prayer; the remaining text is two hundred and seventy-four words. However, the vocabulary of the Hungarians who settled in the Carpathian Basin was much richer than this, only the letters once placed on sheepskin and goatskin membranes were lost; ancient craftsmen, carpenters, metalworkers, textiles, fishermen, barbers, builders, keepers and farmers, river regulators, associates with the heavens, storytellers and cooks they are also included in glossaries, proving the very high degree of proficiency of our ancestors in these crafts. Thanks to the jurists, the first Hungarian codes were born in the 11th century, and in 1222, seven years after the famous English Magna Charta Libertatum, the golden bull in Hungary.
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